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The old definition of brave -- running into burning buildings, going to war, and crushing the competition -- is over. Your host, Nicole Trick Steinbach, the international bravery coach, is leading the movement to redefine BRAVE: what it looks like, how we identify it, and, most importantly, how we celebrate it. Nicole services successful #womenintech ready to envision, design and leap to their next big success. Episodes will go deep into the proven Build Your Brave framework, best practices and tips for building your BRAVE, and personal stories from Nicole and her guests. Subscribe to build your BRAVE! #BuildYourBrave #CelebrateBrave #BraveItUp

Apr 1, 2021

Has anyone told you that you are a cast iron pan? Cause you are

What is Nicole talking about! How can you, a human being, be compared to a cast iron pan?

Well, there is the foundation, how a cast iron pan is made, what it does with your meat, and the fact that every cast iron pan is unique... and results depends upon how you care for it and YOU.

In 3 metaphors Nicole explains why she is a cast iron pan.

Number 1: If you don’t use your cast iron pan, it rusts. You have got to use it and you have got to know what you want to use it for. Meaning you can be exactly who you want to be. Nicole wants to be a coach to successful women in tech. Who do you want to be?

Number 2: A cast iron pan is “a hunk of work that isn’t worth it” to some and "the best thing ever" to others. Having a cast iron pan is a investment. When are you going to invest in yourself?

Number 3: When your cast iron pan (or you) is not performing as usual, what do you do? You try out new things, see what works and what doesn’t.  How are you improving and learning?


For more information on how you can build your brave: